Tree of Life

Galilee Hospital has begun construction on a new wing that will service the needs of women in the area. The hospital services patients from Jewish, Christian, Muslim, and Druze communities, and the treating physicians represent all of these communities as well. In this time of strife, it is important to provide encouragement to any institution that strives for equality for everyone. In order to show support and solidarity to both the hospital and its patients, a three panel mosaic piece was painted by Joani Rothenberg and Yael Buxbaum that will adorn the hallway of the new facility. Each panel will be tiled by a different community. One panel will be sent directly to Israel so that the patients there, from all backgrounds, can work together to decorate the piece. One panel will be created by all of the Partnership Together divisions across the United States. And the third piece will be made by the doctors and patients at St. Vincent’s Hospital. The mosaic as a whole is a non-denominational piece inspired by feminism and fertility.