Joani Rothenberg


Joani Rothenberg is an Indianapolis-based fine artist whose work includes illustrations, Judaica art, murals and landscape paintings. She has been appointed Artist-in-Residence for numerous academic, faith-based and arts institutions. During these placements, she creates murals, conducts workshops, or develops art instruction curricula. She is also a board-certified art therapist, and has created programs and teaching modules to articulate the benefits of art therapy.

Joani’s work — which has been presented in several prestigious exhibitions — has also been featured in numerous national publications. Books she has illustrated include The Lightning Bug Queen (2009), Creation's First Light (2009), Butterflies Under Our Hats (2007), Shabbat Angels (2004), My First Siddur (2006) Adam and Eve’s First Sunset (2003),and Cain and Abel (2001).