Iris and I were floored when we saw the detail and colors on our Ketubah. The important things in our life were translated into a colorful, eye-catching piece of art. We hadn't seen it in person until the day we were to wed. Overall, Joani's work is top notch and would recommended her skills to anyone looking for a one of a kind piece of art.

- Alex Goldberg

One of our most meaningful wedding presents was the Ketubah. Alison and I feel the idea of a ketubah represents our future together. In talking with Joani, we decided it should also tell the story of our past. After many thoughtful discussions we gave Joani a laundry list of objects, places, and notions that we believe tell the tale of our common history. The finished product not only represents who we are as a couple, it is also a detailed and gorgeous work of art which will proudly hang on the walls of our home for many years to come and many people to see.

- Saul & Alison

Joani incorporated our first date, our professions, our avocations, our wedding invitation, and our wedding theme into one stunningly beautiful and vibrant ketubah. It captures the essence of our relationship and our wedding day!



Creating distinctive Ketubahs in the Jewish tradition of “hiddur mitzvah” — crafting religious objects to be as meaningful and as beautiful as possible — is profoundly important; both for the couple as well as for the artist. When couples consider the art piece that will come to symbolize the vision of their lives together, the artist must skillfully harness the visual, spiritual and emotional elements that define their shared hopes for the future. Designing a Ketubah for a couple begins with an interview — in person, on the phone — or even via webcam. During these conversations, the images, religious symbols, styles, themes and texts they envision for their Ketubah are discussed. The couple is asked to create a list of these elements, which I use to begin to conceptualize the design for their unique Ketubah. It is always my hope that the Ketubahs I design for my clients transcend the requisite wedding document to become a timeless, visual celebration of promises fulfilled.