Beginning Process

The paints are ready to go!


Mural for Partnership project in Nahariya's Hospital 

The final painting was taken to the hospital in June and will be unveiled in November.  Photos in the hospital to come.



Two Murals for Israel

I have been commissioned to create murals for two hospitals in Israel — an undreamed of honor for which I am tremendously grateful. Throughout the process, I will document my work to create these new murals right here on this blog page. Please join me by checking back often on the progress being made — and know that I would love to hear from you. I invite you to share your thoughts, ideas and insights at any point along the way.



For millions throughout the world, Hadassah Hospital has come to symbolize excellence in medical treatment, research and education. This institution — so dedicated to the art of healing — exists in a country unsettled by the specter of terrorism, war — and the devastation wrought by conflict. My concept for the mural will bring together images of hope and whole health that can become metaphors for the healing peace to which people of goodwill the world over will always aspire.



Partnership with Israel — Artist in Residency: Western Galilee

I am currently the Artist-in-Residence for a hospital in the Western Galilee — Indianapolis’ 'sister region' in Israel. Using the theme of “partnership”, I am creating a mural for the hospital’s lobby that I will paint at the Indianapolis Jewish Community Center. By creating this mural in a public space, I hope to welcome my fellow community “partners” into the process; inviting them to share their thoughts on the meaning of true partnerships between people, countries and cultures — and allowing them to see themselves as participants in their community’s special relationship with the citizens of the Western Galilee. I envision a mural that features a bridge — a powerful metaphor for life’s spiritual and physical journeys — traversing a landscape of colorful and diverse “experience” elements. The process of creating this mural will be photographically documented.

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